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Amazing Week 3!

What a week at Elmwood! We had five glorious days of sunshine, parents visiting, exciting trips, amazing times spent with friends, and so much more.

This week’s all camp meetings involved Elmwood friends past and present performing for the kids and staff. As always, the Monday morning meeting included the Birthday Bunch and Hillari greeting the campers and staff members who celebrated summer birthdays this week. Anne created a series of challenges for the staff from the three villages to compete in and display good sportsmanship. The physical challenges and the opposite game led to some hilarity, but the highlight of the meeting was when Victor, Maddy, Harrison, and Kathy competed in the “Gregg Impersonation” challenge. To conclude the Monday meeting, Vinny, Alexis, Elana and Beau were honored by Gregg and Hillari for playing a major role at Elmwood for five years. Congratulations to them!

This past Thursday, Elmwood’s own Captain Fun returned to camp and met the Birthday Bunch for the first time ever. Gregg excitedly reintroduced “Cappy” back to Elmwood! Upon her return, the Captain opened up auditions to find a fifth member of the Birthday Bunch. With the sheer overwhelming talent at EWD we are not sure how the Bunch picked only one from the stellar roster of performers: Delilah and Victor on recorders, Jessica with balloon art, Allie performed bubble magic, Vinny juggled, Liane wrapped presents, Thomas and Reed completed daring feats with ice, and Andrea sang Happy Birthday in a silly voice. Ultimately, Brennan earned four “YES” votes from the Bunch with a spectacular tap dance routine. We are hopeful the Birthday Bunch will hold more auditions.

Today was our 70’s Beach Party, and we had a rocking morning arrival. Campers and staff were decked out in super 70’s costumes and we danced and celebrated as campers came off the bus!!

Stepping Stones News

This was a spectacular week to be Elmwood’s youngest campers. All our Stepping Stones got visited by their parents where they got to show off their favorite camp. They had a special meeting with songs and dancing, experienced the ballpark with Jess and Jake, demonstrated their swim skills at the pool and had lunch all together. Our K campers got an extra activity this year and soared on the Adventure Park while the parents got to see it in action!

At athletics campers have been working on point, step and throw, practicing their trapping at soccer and using alligator hands for catching. Their arts projects for the week were sun catchers, shaving cream prints, and button picture frames.

Today was Super K Day. The K groups created a clubhouse that needed a secret handshake to get in. They also went on a scavenger hunt around camp looking for objects that started with the letter “K”. Ask them what they collected!

Lower Village News

Elmwood’s first and second graders loved Elmwood’s third week of camp. In soccer, campers learned the importance of passing with the inside of their foot and dribbling without letting the ball get too far. Their passing has also been stellar as they improved their teamwork and accuracy of their kick.

At mixed media, campers have been working on India Ink portraits and animal paintings with watercolor. At the studio, campers have been making cheese out of clay!

First graders had their very own birthday party this week where they played unwrap the present, swung at the piñata and of course ate cupcakes! Second graders had their circus specialty where they learned to juggle, walk on stilts, use the diablo and so much more. It was awesome. Some 2nd graders also went on a hike to Turkey Mountain with Jerry. Here is what they said:

“The story of Turkey Mountain was awesome.”

“The view from the top was great.”

“I loved the nature.”

Lower Village Clubs this week included: Beach Art, Tic Tac Toe at Woodworking, Astronaut Training, Frozen Ice Dancers, Superhero Society, Gymnastics, Softball Superstars, Wizards and Warriors Yoga, Tea Party and Press Patrol.

Upper Village News

Upper Villagers too had a fantastic week three! They honed their skills at soccer by passing with the inside of their foot, and dribbling the entire length of the field. These skills help control with the ball and promote teamwork throughout a soccer game.

This week’s third grade clubs included: Origami, Puzzles at Woodworking, Volcanoes, Cooking around the World, Witches and Mystical Creatures, Frozen Ice Dancers, Flag Football, Basketball Bonanza, and Beads and Lanyard!

Fourth graders had an epic day on Wednesday when they visited Lake Compounce. They rode on waterslides, in the Lazy River and on Boulder Dash, America’s oldest wooden roller coaster. When one camper got off the bus at the end of the day, she said, “that was the greatest day of my life!” Fourth Graders ended their day with a big Italian feast at camp where parents got to meet their son or daughter’s counselors.

Elmwood Specialties News

Elmwood’s oldest campers had another great week. New Majors began which included Baseball with Game On 360, Studio Art, Hip Hop Dancing, and Filmmaking. The highlight of the week was the overnight trip to Massachusetts. Campers went to Six Flags New England, The Basketball Hall of Fame, Golf Quest and a few terrific restaurants. Best. Week. Ever.

Jenny’s Healthy Recipe of the Week: Hummus with Carrots, Cucumbers & Pita Chips

Hummus: Cook chickpeas in a small pot on the stove top just for a few minutes until they totally soften. Mash cooked chickpeas on a small plate with back of a fork. Then squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice to the chickpeas. Mince a small amount of garlic with olive oil in a food processor. Combine the chick peas in the food processor, and add in a dash of pink Himalayan salt and a touch of cumin. Blend all together for a smooth hummus consistency.

Pita Chips: Cut soft whole wheat pita bread in chip shaped triangles and bake at 350 degrees on cookie tray until crispy.

Serve hummus with pita chips and chopped cucumbers and carrots.

We wish our families a GREAT weekend. We can’t wait to see our campers on Monday!