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New Year's Resolutions!

Happy New Year!!!!! It is ingrained in our DNA that this time of year we are meant to juggle two major concepts – to reflect on all that was accomplished in the previous year and to identify what new goals and sense of purpose we choose to carry with us into the coming year.

So, in that spirit we have surveyed Elmwood Day Camp’s year-round staff to find out just what New Year’s Resolutions they have for 2019 . . .

“I would like to walk outside more each day to get fresh air and clear my mind which will hopefully lead me to being more productive, healthier, less burdened and clear-headed”Hillari

“With Mary Poppins on the brain, for 2019 I resolve to try new things, play more and tune into the little, magical moments around me”Leora

“My New Year’s resolution is to find the positive in any moment, and to look on the bright side of things”Lindsay

“My resolution is to live in the moment, spend a little less time over-thinking things, and more time enjoying what I’m doing as I’m doing it”Kate

“My resolution is to keep my phone away from me when I am with others so that I can truly focus on the people who are important to me”Gregg

“My New Year’s resolution is to learn how to cook (currently I can make toast and Eggo waffles, so there’s a long road ahead)”Erin

Wishing you and your families a New Year filled with good food, fresh air, magical moments, and much love! ~ Gregg & the EWD Team

Looking forward to seeing you in 2019!