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Second Graders Try Something NEW

Our Magic Eight is the cornerstone of the Elmwood Experience. They are eight tangible goals that we have for every camper and staff member. Every decision that we make at camp stems from this list and our mission. Click here to learn more about the Magic Eight.

The first goal, and one of my favorites, is TRY NEW THINGS. Being exposed to new activities and taking safe risks is what allows children to develop a passion. Who knows what these passions might be? When I was five years old at camp, I was in my first play. It was that experience that led me to a life long love of theatre. It was at camp, among great friends and supportive counselors, that I developed my 2 passions: theatre and summer camp!

This summer, we are debuting 2ND GRADE SPECIALITIES to expose your children to NEW activities. Every other week, we are bringing in expert teachers from different fields to teach Magic, Karate and Drumming. Each camper will receive two hours of instruction in each activity as a way of introducing them to something new, sparking an interest, and maybe developing a new passion.

There are three strategies that we give our staff to use when encouraging their campers to take a risk.

Second graders will make great strides this summer, but the best part is that their counselors will be right there next to them!