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Week 1 at Elmwood

We had a great first week at camp. At 8:51 on Monday morning, our first bus arrived and the summer of 2017 began! It is an amazing feeling to see how quickly this community comes together. Children and staff form an instant bond, and everyone feels very comfortable in this, their summer home. At Elmwood, our mission is to help each person discover and celebrate who he or she is supposed to be. This is why people feel comfortable so quickly. Everyone is accepted from the opening moment of camp, and there is no better feeling than that!

There is a tremendous amount that went on our first week. Everyone began instructional swim and tremendous progress was made. The best part is that every Stepping Stones camper, our youngest children, got in the pool. Janet, Frances, Katie, Brianna and their team took advantage of five sunny days to get our swim program rolling. Of course free swim is every afternoon, and campers love playing with their friends and counselors in the water! On top of that, we had an awesome first pool dancing on Friday afternoon. It was beyond fun to watch campers swim in the pool, outside of the pool and well, just about everywhere!!

On Thursday, we had our first all camp meeting of the year. We kicked off with everyone singing Bim Boppa Loopa Lappa, greeting new campers and staff and welcoming back our returners. Everyone got to meet our new birthday bunch: the gang who celebrates birthdays at camp. We learned about their different personalities, and they made us laugh for sure! The bunch starred Mike Abate, Jessica Carey, Matt Prigge, Nicole Strausser, Beau Scheiber and Liane Tomasetti.

Our Sky Park and Adventure Park had their grand opening this week. Campers took risks, challenged themselves, and tried something new. Everyone loved the new squirrels nest where you can jump, hang out and play. Hats off to Vinny and Matt for directing the Adventure Park and ensuring that every camper had a positive, fun and safe experience.

Wednesday was Name Your Group Day at camp. One of our favorite traditions at Elmwood is that every group gets to name themselves. 2017 Group Names Are:

SS3s – Silly Swimming Roosters
MD4A – Dancing Dinosaurs
MD4B – The Super Swimmers
SS4A – Tiny Tigers
SS4B – Playful Puppies
GKA – Spy Barbie Kitties
GKB – Sparkly Ice Skating Unicorns
BKA – Little Light Up Legos
BKB – Reindeer Dinosaur Aliens
BKC – Light Up Dragons
BKD – The Great White Sharks
G1A – Emoji Ice Pops
G1B – Marshmallow Rainbow Shooting Stars
G1C – Rainbow Fairy Dolphins
G1D – Super Sparkly Unicorns
B1A – The Super Burritos
B1B – Rainbow Legendary Pokemon
B1C – The Talking Bananas
B1D – Shakin’ Bacons
G2A – Perfect Pizza Pranksters
G2B – Sparkling Thunder Superstars
G2C – Awesome Diamond Camper Girls
G2D – Sparkly Elmwood Superstars
B2A – Dark Fire
B2B – Fire Breathing Rattle Snakes
B2C – The Golden Flaming Fire Spinners
B2D – Thunder and Lightening Bolt Spinners
G3A – Woof Tang Clang
G3B – The Glitter-tastic Superstars
G3C – Sparkling Dolphin Gaga Superstars
G3D – The Fabulous Friendly G3D’s
B3A – Flaming Gods of Thunder
B3B – Giant Dabbing Pandas
B3C – Dabbing Dragons
G4A – Tropical Gummi Bears
G4B – Purple Puffy Pandas
B4A – Da Pickle Bros.
B4B – The Disco Pineapples

Here are a few highlights by village…

Stepping Stones

Our youngest campers delved fully into our program this week. They got to meet the program team dedicated to working with Stepping Stones. The team includes sports with Jessica and Jake, art with Nicole, music with Anne, drama with Mia and many many more. At soccer, campers got to work on basic skills like dribbling, trapping and passing. They played fun games like Ship, Shore to help practice those skills. On the veranda, they made a variety of projects to celebrate the 4th of July! Each group ate lunch together and learned why Elmwood is a great place to feel known and meet new people.

Lower Village

Campers kicked off their week by signing up for clubs and getting exposed to our elective program. Some week 1 clubs included Shootin’ Hoops, Soccer Superstars, Pirate Art-ventures, Ooey Gooey Slime, 4th of July Party Kit, Superhero Academy and Stir it Up at Cooking. Second Grade campers also began our Specialties Program with Magic with the great Charlini. They learned new tricks and the art of trickery while performing. All Lower Villagers loved getting to spend time with old friends and make new ones!

Upper Village

It was a fantastic week for our 3rd and 4th grade campers. They got to sign up for and start their five-week intensive in either Discovery, League, Performance or Soho. Third grade morning club choices included: Punchball, Good Enough to Eat Art, Nail Art, Build it and Break it, Broadway Bound Dancers, Field Games Bonanza and Superhero Academy. Fourth Graders started their Sports and Arts Choice programs. Every Upper Village camper loved their activities and the fact that they can pick what they want to do for most of the day. More importantly, they loved being a part of the spirit and warmth of the Upper Village community.


Week 1 started off strong for our oldest campers. They delved right into their two-week major in either Tennis, Cooking, or Flight Technology. They also had an amazing trip on Wednesday to Lake Compounce which included a ride on Balderdash, the world’s oldest wooden roller coaster. They all loved being a senior at camp and the great friends they have met.

Suzanne’s Recipe of the Week: Dessert Nachos and Fruit Salsa

Preheat oven to 350. Combine sugar and cinnamon in a bowl. Cut the tortillas into eighths. Lay the tortillas on a cookie sheet and sprinkle the sugar/cinnamon on each one. Put in the oven for 5-8 minutes. Let cool for 2 minutes. Cut up fruit into small pieces. Use the baked tortilla to scoop up the fruit.

We are excited to see everyone back at camp next week. Reminder: Camp is open on Monday, closed on Tuesday for July 4th, and will reopen on Wednesday.

Happy Independence Day!!!