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Week 1 at Elmwood

Bim Boppa Loopa Lappa, Bim Bay Bay!

There is a feeling in the air at Elmwood, and it started on our very first day! It is a feeling of joy, spirit, energy, engagement, community and compassion. At Elmwood, we are focused on creating a place where campers feel supported and celebrated for who they are. In our opening days of camp, we have seen children meeting new friends, connecting with counselors, pushing themselves at activities and exploring ways to be independent. Of course, we do all of this while having tons of fun and loving every summer moment!

At Friday’s all camp meeting, our entire community came together to laugh and be silly. The birthday bunch is back adorned in their pink shirts! Nicole, Beau, and Jessica needed a new member of their troupe, so they decided to hold auditions. Many tried to impress in various birthday tasks. Lindsay baked a cake. Vinny put together a super fun birthday box, Matt was a pinata pro and Liane wrapped (but actually rapped) presents like a champ! However, it was Shannon that the birthday bunch picked to be their newest member of the team. She had trouble baking, her box of fun was anything but, and she is not quite a good wrapper or rapper yet. However, she showed the greatest sense of birthday and Elmwood spirit. Welcome to the bunch Shannon! Hillari called up the birthday campers of the week, and the whole camp sang to them!

Next up at the meeting, Gregg decided to give a go at mind reading. Each Leadership Team member came up and tried to get Gregg to figure out the Elmwood Ten. For example, Gabby said to Gregg, “Mr. Rogers, Winnie the Pooh and parents”. Gregg guessed “Be Kind” and was right. To learn more about the Elmwood Ten, visit our website. We closed out the meeting with singing Elmwood favorites such as “Elmwood, Elmwood So Much Fun, Hanging Out With Everyone!”

Here are a few other highlights from the week!

SS3s-Running Cats
MD4-Mighty Minis
SS4A-Bumpin’ Butterflies
SS4B-Cheerful Cheetahs
GKA-Sparkly Rainbow Unicorn Girls
GKB-Pink Glittery Unicorns
BKA-Golden Cookie Monsters
BKB-Swimming Acorns
BKC-EWD Macaroni Dinosaurs
BKD-Super Dancing Dinosaurs
G1A-Emoji Girls
G1B-Sparkling Dolphins
G1C-Rainbow Unicorn Mermaids
B1A-Elmwood Superlads
B1B-B1 Lightning Bolts
B1C-Ultra Lightning Elmwood Troops
B1D-Silver Pokemon Panther Catchers
B1E-Super Soccer Pyramid Pros
G2A-Sparkly Tye Dye Puppies
G2B-Hugging Glittery Gummy Bears
G2C-Magical Pink Pandas
G2D-Sparkly Rainbow Butterflies
B2A-Ghostly Chickens
B2B-Dabbin’ Dudes
B2C-B2C Pokemon
G3A-Lightning Pandas
G3B-Cookie Ice Cream Girls
G3C-Pickle Peace Sign Star Girls
G3D-Shimmering Golden S’mores
B3A-Firey Phoenixes
B3B-Fire Lightning Spinners
B3C-Flaming Gaga Balls
G4A-G4 Awesome
G4B-Dabbin’ Playful Pup-Panda-Corns
Seniors-Super SeniorZ (with a Z!)

Jenny’s Recipe of the Week: Homemade Guacamole, Salsa and Tortilla Chips


Guacamole: Remove pit and scoop out inside of avocado and place in a small bowl. Sprinkle with pinch of salt and mash with a fork until almost smooth. Stir in lemon juice and a tiny bit of chopped red onion.

Salsa: Chop tomatoes, red onion and season with himalayan salt.

Tortilla Chips: Slice soft tortillas into triangles and bake on 350 degrees until crispy -about 20 minutes

We wish all of our families a wonderful weekend. We cannot wait to see all of our campers and staff on Monday!