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Week 2 at Elmwood

Week 2 was an exceptional week at camp! We played, got to know one another better, were silly and got even more comfortable in our summer home. It was amazing how much can happen in only 4 days.

Monday was Red, White and Blue Day at camp. Campers came rolling of the buses in their finest All-American gear. At the all-camp meeting, we met many famous Americans including Abe Lincoln, Lady Liberty and the bald eagle. They were all making their way to a fireworks celebration, but somehow kept getting lost!

On Thursday, Elmwood had its first all-camp special event, Shipwrecked at Elmwood. At the all-camp meeting, we met pirates who wanted to be mermaids and mermaids who wanted to be pirates. During the day, every camper got to ride on water slides, create sharks or snow globes at arts and crafts and play pirate athletic games!

Friday was crazy hat day! Campers and staff wore hats made of tin foil, garbage bags and even plexiglass. There were turkey hats, flag hats, and even very tiny hats! Even though it rained for most of the day, we had tons of fun inside. Campers played giant board games, worked on arts projects, participated in gymnastics and played indoor gaga.

We are looking forward to a very fun-filled week 3 at camp. Wishing all of our families and staff a GREAT weekend.

Suzanne’s Recipe of the Week – Apple Crisp



Preheat oven 350. For filling – mix all ingredients together, place in a 9 × 12 pan. For topping – Crush the graham crackers. Mix the graham crackers, sugar, flour, cinnamon and butter together. Sprinkle on top of apple mixture. Bake 30-40 minutes. Cool 10 minutes.