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Week 2 at Elmwood

Week 2 is traditionally one of the greatest weeks of the summer, and in 2018, this could not be more true. This is the week where kids settle into camp and new friendships start to emerge. This was also a week where we focused on kindness. We explored what it meant to be kind to each other, the earth and the community. Everywhere in camp, we saw examples of kids and staff supporting each other, offering help, saying kind words, and taking great care of camp. We noticed simple acts of kindness like picking up a piece of trash off of the ground whether it is yours or not or more significant acts like helping a friend work on their robot at science. There were examples of children comforting each other, praising each other, and spreading joy. Camp is an opportunity for children to learn to be kind in thought and action, and we are excited to continue to focus on on kindness as the summer continues. We could not be prouder of our community.

Monday was Be Kind to your Camp Day. Several of our staff pretended to be campers at “Camp Not So Fun” where they littered, did not recycle and were mean to each other. They then learned all about Elmwood where of course none of this was true. The birthday bunch also celebrated this week’s birthdays and Hillari and Gregg presented staff who have been here for four summers a pair of pajama pants. They are Nicole Abbate, Matt Cardona, Rachel Chang, Lena Dabrusin, Amanda Del Vecchio, Rachel Levy and Julia Solazzo. Congratulations to them all!

We had a few great dress up days this week. Tuesday, was Wear Red, White and Blue Day. It was terrific to see campers and staff in their patriotic gear. Today was crazy hat day and it was… crazy. We saw some spectacular hats!

Thursday was Wizards, Wishes and Waterslides! At the morning meeting, the campers met wizards, made wishes at the wishing well… and waterslides appeared! During the day, all campers got to go an awesome waterslides, but that was not all. Campers got to make their own bubble wand and bubble solution and learn the skills of wizarding with our athletics staff. We also had the bubble bus visit camp where they put out three thousand bubbles per minute! It was quite the sight!

Stepping Stones News

Our three, four and five year olds had a very special week at camp. Many campers passed another swim level this week while some are still working on dunking their head for the first time. All of them have loved working with Frances on learning to become better swimmers.

Campers began their Elmwood athletic stations program. This week, they really focused on dribbling at soccer and learning how to throw at softball. Each group danced with Julia at the gazebo and experienced gymnastics with Bella and Sonya at the gymnastics pavilion. At Arts and Crafts, campers worked on landscape paintings with Naomi.

All Stepping Stones love morning meetings with Anne where they can sing their favorite Elmwood songs!

Lower Village News

Lower Village had a great week even though there was rainy weather. On today’s rainy day, they played Jeopardy, wrote their own plays in drama, played with oversized board games and made custom greeting cards for their families.

All Lower Village campers have now experienced our new Quick Start Tennis curriculum at our new tennis arena. Some campers are learning the fundamentals while others are perfecting their game. First and Second Graders love going to adventure park and challenging themselves on our rock wall.

Lower Village Clubs this week included: 4th of July Arts Extravaganza, Puzzles at Woodworking, Volcanoes and Eruptions, Moana How Far I’ll Go, Rockstar Club, Paper Airplanes, Kickball Derby, Rise and Stir at Cooking, Go Gaga for Gaga and Fairy Tale Superstars.

Upper Village News

Elmwood’s 3rd and 4th grade campers had a terrific week! Several of our groups went on their first hike, and while it was challenging, they conquered the mountain with Jerry. They were particularly fond of having lunch and hearing a classic Jerry story in the middle of the day.

League Games got really intense this week in soccer and softball. By the end of the week, all teams are just a few points away from each other. Soho campers continue to work on their animation art while our Discovery campers have now fully delved into their work on learning about circuits. Our Performance campers have now learned several new songs and dances on their show about what dreams are made of.

This week’s third grade clubs included: Pirate Adventures, World Cup Soccer, Yoga Beach Party, Ooey Gooey Science, and Jacob’s Ladder at Woodworking.

Elmwood Specialties News

The EWD seniors played, rocked out, built and baked like professionals this week. Tennis instruction with Heather was incredible and campers made extraordinary progress. Lisa taught our campers how to bake challah from scratch while Cheryl taught the skills of architecture. In our guitar minor, Mike taught his group how to turn chords into songs. They loved all of their majors and minors. On Wednesday, Elmwood Seniors went to Boundless Adventures to climb the high ropes course. There was still plenty of time for Elmwood’s oldest group to play gaga and boxball here at camp!

We wish all of our families and staff a great weekend. We look forward to seeing you on Monday!