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Week 5 at Elmwood

Week five is always one of the BEST weeks at Elmwood. Our campers feel super comfortable here and are able to truly dive into the rich week five program offerings. Every age group had special activities this week, but this did not prevent the real magic of camp from still happening. If one walked around Elmwood this week, one would see an entire community accepting differences and being accepting of others. The core of Elmwood is to be who you are supposed to be! Campers and staff are so happy at Elmwood because everyone is encouraged, celebrated and loved. The feeling of togetherness could not have been stronger this week.

The week started off with a very silly all-camp meeting. It was Elmwood Top Chef and we had judges and funny chefs from around the world. Each chef made creative sandwiches and then had to make a cake to celebrate Captain Fun’s birthday. Let’s just say that they were better at being funny then cooking!

Instructional swim had another amazing week with 135 levels passed at the pool. Janet, Frances, Brianna, Katie, Megan, Lindsay, Seth, Melissa and Jenna spent the week focusing on all of our campers once again this week. The progress was remarkable. The weather cooperated too. We had four and a half days of pure sunshine. It rained yesterday, but we were back to a sunny day schedule by 11:00!

Stepping Stones News

It was a glorious week to be a Stepping Stone at Elmwood. Anne played London Bridge at her deck. Lynnn acted out stories at On Stage. Jess, Vinny and Jake developed four new stations for soccer at the Ballpark. Denise made collages with the campers on the veranda; They were awesome and beautiful.

Our four year olds had a great day to call their own. Jessie and Jessica led Safari Day and it was magical. Campers worked cooperatively as they searched for animals throughout camp. Before they went on their search, each child made their own binoculars and then the search began. The day ended with a story being read.

Thursday was our Surprise K Adventure. K campers learned about what older campers do at Elmwood. It started with a great morning meeting filed with silly stories. Later in the day, campers played sports at A&W stadium, created a ceramics project at the Studio and ate lunch in the main lunch area. The highlight of the day though was the amazing pool party for the K campers. It was epic! Our campers are really looking forward to next week when K Club gets introduced.

Lower Village News

It was a very exciting week at Lower Village! Morning meetings were awesome and it was a great weather week for lots of swim instruction! Clubs this week included: Robots at Woodworking, Not What you Think Sports, Capture the Flag/Kickball, Museum Masterpieces, Bubbly Waterworks, Sleepover Party, Astronauts and Alien Invasion, Tricks Jokes and Magic, EWD Cheer Squad and Stomp.

First graders had the most special week of the summer. On Wednesday, Dani, Mike and Tanya planned a Hawaiian Luau for the campers. It included hula dancing, limbo, pin the coconut on the palm tree and even drinks with little umbrellas! On Thursday, some of the first graders went on a trail walk which is a great introduction to our hiking program. Jerry led campers and staff on a walk through Rockefeller Park; they got to eat “Gorp” along the way and listen to one of Jerry’s famous stories. The rest of our first grade walks are scheduled for this Tuesday!

Second graders too had a week to call their own. On Thursday, all of the second graders went to see Honk at the Westchester Sandbox Theater. It was a modern retelling of The Ugly Duckling Story. Campers described it as “odd and funky!” Our second graders also had their third specialty of the summer. Each camper got two hours of karate instruction with Sensai Bob. Even Gregg and Hillari got in on the action when they punched through a plank of wood!

Upper Village News

This was THE WEEK to be an Upper Villager!! Our 3rd and 4th graders spent the past five weeks in their afternoon intensives. This week was the culmination and celebration of their efforts. On Thursday, League had their playoffs and championship games. Many of our younger campers were thrilled to watch very close games in soccer, softball, hockey and basketball. It was a shining example of fantastic teamwork and sportsmanship.

Campers in Discovery took a trip to the New York Hall of Science. They participated in many of the hands-on exhibits, explored the outdoor science playground, saw an Imax movie and played on the video game wall. Campers described it as one of “the coolest places on earth.”

SOHO campers took a trip to the Storm King outdoor sculpture garden. Everyone went on a full tour of the facility and then created their own sketches based on what they saw. It was a terrific day for our young artists.

On Thursday night, the Performance intensive campers had their performance! The show was called, The Sneetches based on the Dr. Seuss story. It was a marvelous performance about how physical differences don’t matter and what really matters is how people act toward each other.

It was magical to see what campers can accomplish in just five weeks!

Elmwood Specialties News

Elmwood’s oldest campers had a really memorable week. The campers welcomed many new friends as they kicked off Session 3. This session’s majors include Tennis, Puppetry and Healthy Cooking.

Tennis is being led by our own tennis expert, Heather. Campers are learning the fundamentals and competing each day with exciting games.

In puppetry, campers are building their own amazing puppets with Cheryl. Next week, Lena and Leora will be directing a puppet show with them.

Lisa is leading our culinary program which includes learning about healthy and sustainable cooking. Every dish has highlighted a new fruit or vegetable.

On Wednesday, campers traveled to their overnight adventure to Massachusetts. It included a trip to Six Flags New England and the Basketball Hall of Fame. Campers said, “best trip ever!”

Suzanne’s Recipe of the Week: Chocolate Cake

Preheat oven to 350. Grease and flour two 9-inch pans. Combine flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar, salt, cocoa powder, ¾ cup water and vegetable oil in a mixing bowl. Beat on medium speed for 2 minutes. Add the eggs, vanilla, and ½ cup water, beat for another 2 minutes. Pour the batter in the pans. Bake for 30 minutes. Cool for 10.