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Week 6 At Elmwood

There is no doubt that Week 6 was the best week at Elmwood yet! Campers and staff were gloriously happy in our community. This week was filled with opportunities for campers to work toward completing all the goals of the Elmwood 10. Read below to learn just how they did it!

Be Kind

This was the week of Tarplin Games for all 2nd graders. Each group became a team and competed for two days against other teams in activities such as Soccer, Giants, Wizards & Trolls, Steal the Bacon, Trivia, a Swim Meet and Relay Races. At the end of each activity, groups had the opportunity to earn two scores: one for winning and one for sportsmanship. Tarplin Games is a great example of campers learning how to play competitively while still being kind to their own teammates and members of other teams.

Build Friendships & Relationships

At Group, our twice weekly team building activity led by Division Heads, many groups worked on the friendship circle. Each camper gets a piece of paper and writes his or her name on it. They then pass the papers around and each camper has the chance to write or draw about their friends in the group. Campers learn the power of compliments and what it means to be a true friend.

Develop Independence

Our five-year-old campers had an introduction to Elmwood’s elective program this week. They chose an activity they were interested in doing such as Gardening, Volcanoes, Cheerleading, and Sports League. Campers loved making their own choices and deepening their skills in an area of greatest interest to them.

Try New Things

Our 4th graders got to try a taste of resident camp at Camp Schodack. Campers loved the 2-hour bus ride filled with songs and even though it was raining when they got there, the sun came out by 4 o’clock. They got to go boating in the lake, slide down the massive water slide, and had a campfire with s’mores. We are very proud of our 4th graders for completing the overnight adventure and for taking this big step.

Work Cooperatively

Our 4th grade girls went on a challenging hike at Harriman State Park this week. The hike was called the Lemon Squeeze and took two and a half hours to climb the mountain and an hour and a half to climb down. The hike was extremely difficult, but it was made a lot easier by the campers helping and supporting each other. At one point, on the actual “Lemon Squeeze” campers had to hold each other to get through the tightest point.

First graders this week also got a taste of hiking as they took their trail walk with Jerry at Rockefeller State Preserve. Campers had a great time on their first hiking experience.

Communicate Effectively

Drama and Dance are large programs at Elmwood. This past week, campers learned to express themselves while creating movement pieces based on their personal stories. Campers also worked on autobiographical scenes and learned about character development, plot story lines and much more.

Participate Actively and Develop Skills

Campers have made extraordinary progress during instructional swim. This week, we focused on more skill acquisition and development as well as stroke and technique refinement. Katie and Frances remind Elmwood campers to take their favorite fish, Dory’s, advice: “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

Accept Yourself

Our world-famous Camp Within a Camp program took place for 3rd graders this week. Campers got to explore their own unique passions and discover a possible new interest. Each camper participated in a 4-hour workshop in the following electives: Fencing, Decathlon, Board Game Creation, Terrariums, and Shakespeare in the Camp.

Accept Others

Elmwood Seniors always work toward accepting each other while building a community based on compassion, respect and understanding. Several campers had their last day on Friday and received the Paper Plate Awards where each camper had the chance to share what makes other campers valued.

Of course, our seniors also had a wonderful week programmatically. They participated in their majors. One choice was Refabrication, which is fashion upcycling. Campers used old clothes to make new clothes. The other choices were Comedy Troupe and Sports League. This week’s trip was to Medieval Times where campers had a great time cheering on their knight.

Have Fun

The week ended with our All Camp Special Event – the Country Farm and Fair! At the all camp meeting, we met farmers, animals, grandparents and other fun characters. There was an international pie baking competition, but the farmers stole the grandparent’s recipe and the pieces got scattered throughout the camp. Campers had to spend the day searching so they could eat the delicious pie. The activities included a hoedown, a tractor pull, hayrides, a dunk tank, tire rolling, utter painting, and country stories. It was an awesome way to end the week!

Jenny’s Healthy Recipe of the Week: Blueberry Muffins

Crack eggs. Combine with maple syrup and honey. Mix together. Combine dry ingredients and stir in wet. Stir together well to make batter and top with blueberries. Fill up muffin tins or a baking pan. Cook for around 20-25 minutes or until muffins brown.