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Week 7 at Elmwood

Week 7 was AMAZING in every way possible. Five days of sunshine, friends, teamwork, healthy competition, and creativity. Every moment was filled with fun opportunities for personal growth and trying new things. Everywhere one looked, a wonderful activity or special program was happening. This was the week for campers and staff to make their mark on the summer of 2018, and it happened!

One of the great highlights of the week was Carnival. We had awesome rides like the Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course, Bounce Houses, Bungee Jumpers and the Speed Racer. Every group got to lead classic carnival activities like candle squirt, Coke/Pepsi challenge, ring toss, marriage booth and fortune tellers. There was even a spa booth run by our performing arts staff. Of course, the real magic of the Elmwood carnival is the whole camp being together and being joyful!

At Monday’s all camp meeting, the entire camp had opportunities to write thank you letters to group counselors, specialists and the leadership team. Groups went into detail about what they appreciated about each staff member, and it was a wonderful way to kick off the week. We look forward to more opportunities to be thankful as we near the end of our summer.

Stepping Stones News

Elmwood’s youngest campers had another special week. Children learned new skills at gymnastics, made great strides in swim instruction at the pool, danced with Julia at the Gazebo and had a full week of athletics instruction.

Three and four year olds spent a lot of time at the ballpark with Jess learning the rules of softball including where the bases are and an introduction to hitting. Five year olds too loved their time with Jess at the ballpark, but they also received great instruction at tennis with Heather and Bruce. The highlight of the week for our 5 year olds was their 2nd week of K Club. The choices were Gardening, Things That Fly, and Fairytale Theater.


Here are 5 reasons this was a great week to be a Lower Villager:

5. Mystery Guest at morning meeting and this week’s guest was…Laura from Yoga.

4. First graders went on their trail walk to Rockefeller Preserve, and it was a spectacular introduction to our hiking program.

3. This week’s 2nd grade specialty was Performance. All campers worked on a modern production of Where The Wild Things Are and included songs like “Sail Away", “Supper Time,” and “Wild Thing”.

2. Robots at Arts and Crafts

1. Morning Club. Read on about this week’s exciting club program.

Club this week was full of amazing creations and adventures. Campers built robots at woodworking and created carnival inspired crafts on the porch, including their very own ring toss game. At cooking, they tried new healthy treats to bring to the movie theatre, like frozen grapes and roasted chickpeas. They invited guests to a Picnic Party, built new skills at tennis, tested out different types of planes and boats, and showed off their dancing feet at Jazz Hands and Jewelry. They even saved the day, chasing down Jack Jack and rescuing Elastigirl from Screenslaver in Incredibles Club. Overall, it was a full week of fun, trying new things, and making memories!

Upper Village News

The was THE WEEK to be an Upper Villager. On Monday, 3rd Grade boys and girls went on a trip to Splashdown Beach in Fishkill, and in one camper’s words, “that was the best day of my life.” Also on Monday, our 4th grade boys went on a hike to Harriman State Park and had a pizza and pool party back at camp. Our 4th grade girls had a throwback Monday where they got to participate in some of their favorite activities for the week!

Tuesday and Wednesday was the clear highlight of the week as it was the two-day extravaganza known as the Levy Upper Village Bowl. Teams were revealed on Tuesday morning, as campers from each group were assigned a team in a wild search game. Campers no longer had the comfort of their regular groups, but now had the opportunity to make new Elmwood friends with children from other groups in many wild competitions. The Red, White, Blue and Green teams were led by specialists, group leaders, and division specialists. From the Gaga opening challenge to the cheer off finale, camper participation and effort combined with staff enthusiasm and coaching led the UV Bowl to being a tremendous event. Campers competed in a wide variety of events including: A&C Challenges, Trivia, Soccer, and Swim Meets to name a few. In the end the Red team was proclaimed the victor, but all campers learned lessons in how to compete and work as a team. Whether you won or lost it was very clear that Tuesday and Wednesday were among the finest for our Upper Village campers.

Thursday was CARNIVAL!

As we finished the week on Friday, Elmwood’s Upper Villagers had a great in-camp day filled with swim, sports and the arts. The only sad part was saying goodbye to friends for the weekend.

Seniors News

One can’t top the week that our oldest campers had. They went on a 2 day overnight to Club Getaway on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, campers got to go horse-back riding or indoor rock climbing. Thursday was a Turkey Mountain hike or an in-camp tie dye party. Friday all seniors got to kayaking on the Hudson River. Best week ever for sure.

Jenny’s Healthy Recipe of the Week: Apple chews & Apple Sauce

Apple Chews: Thinly slice apple with the skin on. Spice with cinnamon. Bake at 350 degrees until apples begin to brown ( about 25 minutes)

Apple Sauce: Peel apples first. Dice peeled apples and season with cinnamon. Boil water and place diced apples in boiling water. Let apples soften, cool and then place in food processor. Heat up softened apples and season with more cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar. Serve warm!

We wish our families and staff a great weekend. We can’t wait to see you on Monday for Week 8!!