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Week 8 at Elmwood

While it is always sad to come to the final days of camp, it is such a fun and special time. When we say goodbye at Elmwood, we remember all of the glorious parts of the summer like swimming, Adventure Park and Skypark, tennis, all camp meetings, the bus ride, lunch and a lot of silliness! The best memories though are of being together with friends, learning from role models and being accepted in our day camp community. Here are a few highlights from our week.

Story Pirates

Even though it was raining on Monday, we were still able to have all of our campers see the Story Pirates show. They are a children’s theater company that acts out stories that children have told them through the years. It was a great way to kick off our week.

Floats at the Pool and Lots of Pool Dancing

On Wednesday, all of our campers got to go to the pool…with floats! There were so many floats waiting for the campers, and campers loved resting on them, riding on them and even jumping on them! Of course, the only thing that could make floats better is pool dancing!

Parties with Gregg and Hill

In our annual tradition, each group of campers meets with Gregg and Hillari to talk about their favorite or most meaningful parts of the summer. Campers shared so many wonderful memories including hikes, Elmville, hanging out with friends, and being with counselors. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the power of Elmwood summer. To make it even better, we served ice cream sundaes at the end!

Camper Counselor Show

Wednesday was Elmwood’s annual camper counselor show. It was a blast! Performances ranged from singing to magic to joke telling to dancing to instrument playing. Campers and staff have many wonderful talents here at Elmwood. Congratulations to all!

Closing Ceremonies

Our final all camp meeting is one of the most special moments of the summer. We sang songs by village, saw a slide show and honored many staff who are important to Elmwood. This year, we honored our Co-Swim Director with a sign that says Frances’s Fish. We also honored the Elmwood Specialties Director with a new sign that says Leora’s Lounge. Lastly, we honored Hillari for reaching 30 summers at Elmwood. She, Allie and Packy (last summer’s 30 year winners) will have a new tree planted in their honor.

We hope that all of our campers and staff had remarkable summer. As summer comes to a close, please know that we feel extraordinary gratitude toward all of our families and staff. Thank you for the 38 days you have given to our community. We will never forget how lucky we are that we got spend the summer of 2018 with you.