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What a Week 4

Every Elmwood week is only 5 days, but it is amazing how much goes on here. As we reached the half way point of the summer, children and staff focused on acceptance of others and creating a community where everyone feels safe, comfortable and loved for being who they are meant to be. Elmwood is more than a summer day camp; it is a place of celebration, discovery, acceptance, friendship, and joy. In Elmwood’s fourth week, this could not have been truer!

This past Monday, BOTH the Birthday Bunch AND the Incredibles arrived at our morning meeting. As always, the Bunch helped Hillari celebrate this week’s batch of camper and staff birthdays. The Incredibles kicked off the Project Morry Swimathon by inspiring the campers to give their best effort in swimming laps at the pool. Project Morry operates a sleep away camp in Upstate New York and fully scholarships 400 campers each summer.

At Thursday’s Camp-A-Lot gathering, the campers met Elmwood’s Royal Family! The King and Queen announced they were retiring, but the Princess and Prince wanted no part of inheriting the throne. It was decided that each of the Knights of the Round Picnic Table would attempt to pull the sword from the stone to see who would be the new ruler of the kingdom of Elmwood. After each knight failed, all agreed that the Knights and campers should train and prepare to see who might be ready to lead in the afternoon.

During the day campers and staff enjoyed weaving, making armor, helping knights at a joust, and searching for treasure. Among the many other activities, the wild goose chase and learning stage combat were camper favorites.

In the afternoon, each knight once again tried to impress the Royal Family on their own and pull the sword from the stone. However, it wasn’t until they all worked together that they were successful. After the Knights worked as a team to finally remove the sword from the stone, the King and Queen set off for retirement and split their kingdom into quarters.

Here a few other highlights from the week:

Safari Day & Animal Adventures

Our four-year-old Campers became safari ready by practicing balancing and crawling. They then went to Sand World where the animals had fallen asleep after a long, roaring night of playing at Elmwood. The campers dug for animals, woke them and reunited them with their families. Each child made a safari head band with animal stickers and dot art. Lastly, they learned about real animals when the Greenburgh Nature Center visited and showed campers several animals and how to care for them.

Kindergarten and First Grade campers also had animal adventures with the team from Greenbugh!

Science at Elmwood

This week younger campers had an “in the lab” experience where they got to use tools that real scientists use. They practiced with beakers, flasks and pipettes. They worked by making mixtures that caused chemical reactions and saw how fizzers change color and release Carbon Dioxide.

Third graders explored several types or rocks and learned in detail about rocks that are porous or dense.

Fourth graders learned all about air and its power. They sampled airzookas and blew over a cup pyramids and then made their own airzookas.


Lower Village Clubs this week were: Monster Madness, 3D Wall art at Woodworking, Oooey Gooey at Science, Firework Dancers, Superhero Society, Harry Potter Club, Goals and Hoops, EWD Press Patrol, Bracelet Bonanza, Cooking around the World, Cheerleading, and Winter Wonderland.

Upper Village Clubs this week were: Mythical Creatures, Musical Door Chimes at Woodworking, Rockets, Set and Costume Design, Sports Surprise, Yoga and Stepping Back to the Stones.

Fourth Grade Pick your Program

Our fourth-grade campers had a wonderful week trying new things! They shuttled over to our nearby Solomon Schechter site to work with top specialists.

In weaving, campers began by setting up warp strings for their looms, and then they got creative – weaving colorful yarn to make tapestries, pillows, bookmarks, and more. Along the way, they added beads, embroidery and other unique touches.

In lyrical dance, campers combined elements of ballet and jazz to tell a story of two friends losing and finding each other again. As a group, they developed the story, and found the moves and choreography to express it. Their dance was set to the song “Me and Whale,” by Matt Stanton

Campers who chose fencing learned all about strategy, scoring, and positions. Their instructor demonstrated technique, and they participated in a “bout.” Our fencers wore authentic fencing equipment and used a saber!

In guitar, campers learned and practice the E minor and G chords. They worked together to write a song called “Summer Rocks!” about a sad banana, derby ducks and the fun of an Elmwood summer. They performed the song for all their friends in fourth grade.

Campers in Baseball focused on developing accuracy in throwing and defensive positioning, and they applied these skills to competitive play. Most important, they learned about and demonstrated good Sportsmanship!


Building on the bonds solidified from last week’s overnight, the seniors had a week filled with activities that deepened skills and opportunities to fortify friendships.

They continued into their 2nd week of Majors. In Dance, campers participated in choreographing a lyrical Jazz dance exploring themes of inclusivity and acceptance.

Campers in Baseball/Softball focused on skill development lead by the wonderful teachers from Game on 13.

Campers in Studio Art learned how to weave focusing on purposefulness and precision of color and shapes.

Lastly, campers in filmmaking brought their original comedic thrillers to the screen learning basic skills of improvisation, cinematography and editing.

Minors this week included open art, golf and fencing which gave campers opportunities to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.

A highlight of the week was the hike where seniors walked along the Appalachian Trail to the West Mountain Ridge. It was a glorious day as seniors hiked through a rock formation known as Lemon Squeeze, met six through hikers and soaked in some glorious views!

Jenny’s Healthy Recipe of the Week: Banana Bread


Preheat oven to 325 degrees and grease loaf pan. In a large bowl beat the oil and honey together with a whisk. Add the eggs and beat well and whisk in mashed bananas and water. Add the baking soda, vanilla, salt and cinnamon and whisk to blend. Add flour until combined. Pour batter into greased pan and sprinkle with honey. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until bread starts to brown .